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Everything happens out of something. It’s the old cause and effect. Sowing and reaping. You get what you give. Greatness begins with a seed, a vision, a dream. I totally believe that God uses your dreams to continually communicate with us. Of course not every dream will give you a million dollar idea, or reveal to you your God-given purpose. Some dreams come from too much pizza the night before, or an intense moment in your day that cause your subconscious mind to keep pondering on that one event. With this in mind you have to pay close attention to your dreams, your thoughts, and your ideas. everyone is able to think, but the ability to put the pieces together is what makes all the difference, even between success and failure.

Any recurring dream, has to draw your attention, at least to ask for an interpretation. The same way the dream came, the interpretation can come. What causes us to never get the interpretation? our busyness, our fast-moving lifestyles that make you get up and go all the time. We dismiss it as a “What a nice dream we had?” and move on, because our reality seems more important and stressful than our sleeping time. Now, if you can please allow me to suggest to you that maybe, just maybe, God is trying to relate to you a message, a way out, keys to better your life. An idea that can bring you out of obscurity and take you where you never been.

This is not a magical, mystic storyline for a good movie. It can happen, It has happen and believe it or not, it will continue to happen. See, Heaven is always communicating with us, and those who are aware of it will receive all the benefits from it.

In the Book of beginnings, Genesis Chapter 37. We read a story about a boy named Joseph, they called him a DREAMER, and MASTER OF DREAMS. God showed him his complete purpose of living trough 2 dreams. And he believed it so much, he began to tell everyone. He shared it so well, that even his family got envious, and in many turn of events, helped him get to the manifestation of his dreams. OUT OF A DREAM HE BECAME 2ND IN COMMAND IN EGYPT, No one was greater except the Pharaoh.


It took 2 Dreams for him to realize his potential in God. How many will you need? 

2 Things he did and you can do the same: 

1. He didn’t dismiss the dream. He perceived it was important. (though he quite didn’t understand the how)

2. He believed in it so much, he didn’t stay quiet. So, he declared it, and shared it.

Before he realized it, he was on his way…

Very simple, and maybe this is why people dismiss the process so quickly. I challenge you to ask God for a Dream, than dare to declare it, and see yourself getting there…


Till next time. Keep dreaming…


Transform your thinking!

” The thinking that has brought me this far, has created some problems that this thinking can’t solve.” -Albert Einstein

The same train of thought that got you in trouble cannot be the same to get you out, usually you need a higher level of thinking, help from someone else. Like a teacher, a mentor, and sometimes even a judge?

Why? When you are in a problem, you cannot see the solution, from that perspective, your vantage point needs to change. Same situation different angle. In your present situation you only see chaos, lack, defeat, problems. Yet if you only step back, seek counsel, read books that can show you a better way, and there is always a better way. Then you can solve all your problems, someone actually said if you have a problem and can’t fix it, it’s not your problem.

The reading of books is so important to me now, because I may not be able to meet someone face to face but, I can read their heart and obtain their wisdom… For whatever the cost is of the book.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭55‬:‭8-9‬ NKJV)

There is a higher level of thinking no matter at what level you are in!

They always recommend to you, seek expert advice. Well the expert in life would have to be the giver of life. God is always available to give you his thoughts and perspective on life, without reproach. He is there for you, but will you ask him?

Transform your thinking!

“The thinking that has brought me this far, has created some problems that this thinking can’t solve.”

Albert Einstein

The same train of thought that got you in trouble cannot be the same to get you out, usually you need a higher level of thinking, help from someone else. Like a teacher, a mentor… and in some cases even a judge?

Why? You need a new perspective to that problem to see the solution the vantage point you are in only sees chaos, lack, defeat, problem. Step back, ask for counsel, read books.

The reading of books is so important to me now, because I may not be able to meet someone face to face, but I can read their heart and obtain their wisdom… For whatever the cost is of the book.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭55‬:‭8-9‬ NKJV)

Get a hold of higher thinking no matter what level you are on. God is always available and he will give it to you with no reproach… Love you!


Transformation starts now!

Your knowledge of wealth, is determine by the wealth of your knowledge.

It’s not all about money. Wealth is abundance of everything. Including the peace that surpasses all understanding, the love on Jesus, and an unspeakable joy. If in your pursuit of success you miss these specific things. You have failed yet again. Keep trying.

In all your getting, get understanding!



I heard someone say

people want to help people, until they help people.

Why? Because it’s hard work, it takes time, money, gas, and a very good listening ear. Not many people are able to keep their peace and joy after hearing someone else’s bad situations.

This is when you have to remember why you do it? Why do you want to help? Why are you in ministry? Is there a real passion and genuine love in you for your people, generation, God? This will answer your deepest concerns and expose your true intentions of life.

There has to be a deeper purpose in you then to be recognized, because most times you won’t be. There has to be a greater sense of destiny and foresee the future, because you might not see immediate results. Lastly, you have to know who you serve, because some might not reciprocate back nor can they. Your reward will come, but not from where you expect it.

Stay on track, because as you are helping others, you might be going trough storms, bad financial situations, or relationships gone wrong. You are not alone, you will rise, and you will finish strong, so I leave you with a scripture that always keeps me on track.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Gal. 6:9 NKJV

How will you make the Difference?

This week I had some moments that would seem ordinary, and routine for many. Yet, in retrospect I see it was an opportunity to make and mark a difference in someone’s life. 3 instances that changed me.

The first moment came this week I found myself in the midst of a group of children at a summer bible class, as my 10 year old daughter was called upon to speak to them. I didn’t go to participate, I just went to support her.. At the end they asked me to pray for the group of children. And now I realize what an opportunity it was to impart and lead and love this generation that can actually lead us in so many ways. God has such great plans for this new generation rising up, if we only opened our eyes a little wider to see then as God sees them!

it is such an exciting time to be a alive!!!

The second moment was when a client of mine, which sometimes I don’t even see. Comes out to me as soon as I got to her property, and shares with me her husband needs a quadruple bypass. WOW! I was in shock, but I also was amazed she was sharing all this with me.

As I began to listen, I was praying inside my head asking God to give me some kind of encouragement for her and her husband’s life. I was able to speak to her heart, as she listened intensely. Almost like if she needed to hear me. Even now I continue to pray for them. It is not easy to deal with things that are out of your control, and it’s affecting your life and your loved ones. I think it’s moments like that, you must cry out to God for mercy, grace, and the strength to overcome it….

And the third interesting conversation I had was with a business man who asked me how did I get prepared to bring about my messages or sermons on a weekly basis.

This opened up the door to speak to him about prayer, faith, inspiration that only comes from God. And the responsibility that we as ministers have with our generation. It was a long, engaging conversation. I took the moment as a believer in Christ, and persuaded him to give Jesus a try.

Sometimes you just don’t know, who you will meet, or the need that will rise up right in front of you. Don’t go looking for someone else, you could be the answer, and the difference maker in their life.
I am praying for you today that God will show himself strong in your life, to strengthen others as well.
make the difference !

Have a great day!

I am right now in a convention in Chicago. Celebrating 40 years of ministry. Our spiritual father Apostle Nahum Rosario, which now resides in Panama leading a ministry of over 2000 people. Heads a ministry of over 500 churches worldwide. We are here believing for greater things… For another 40 years…

But what is the real purpose of this? Why do we do it? How have we done it, I wasn’t even born when it started.

It’s about loving people, showing them a better way trough Jesus…

As I was looking for something’s in my suitcase I found this letter from my daughter, and I understand now, if you want to have an effective ministry, purpose or vision in life. And leave a Legacy or Dynasty. You have to become that father, that takes time for his children…

Every moment counts, and they count every moment. Love them, take time to show them by your life’s action.
And you will also last a long time trough them…
Love my kids, and miss them a whole lot right now… Even though I’m back Saturday, and then we’ll be back together to the crazy ness of our lives, wouldn’t trade it for nothing…
This is why I do it, family, people, the love of God compels us to go and reach out!
That’s why Jesus did it.

Why do you do what you do?

Your Faith is your Limit.

Your life today is only the manifestation of what you believed you could do. You will be limited to your ability to believe. But, if you dare to keep believing, it can grab a hold of you and take you places you cannot even imagine! Someone shout FAITH!!

Are YOU missing something? Part 2

After I finished the last post I realized I missed some other good points on the subject. It usually is like that, isn’t it? When you finish something you find new ways to make it better or more material becomes available. I’ll just make some few points…

Depending on the severity of what you are missing, you will act with greater urgency and alertness. You would never ever go to bed at night and sleep if your child was missing, you would be going on a search and rescue mission until you found him or her. Your wallet missing brings all kinds of worries and anxiety because of identity theft.

Although these are some severe things to miss, here are some keys to help you answer questions on why things go missing. And just maybe it will bring a sense of alertness to our lives, and live with the joy of being found.

1. You only miss things when you need them. Car keys is an easy example, don’t realize they are misplaced ( notice I said misplaced not lost, I guess it’s just me not wanting to feel like I keep loosing things) until you want to go for a ride. We miss ex relationships in the meantime someone else comes along that replaces that empty feeling of loneliness. Money is not a factor until you want something you don’t have the finances for… If you don’t need it, you might not realize it was gone.

2. Don’t get used to it. After a prolonged period of missing things, people, food, whatever… You become desensitized to it. The urgency dwindles down to I should get that someday. And you go along life with half full or empty cups ( depending on how positive you are) no matter how you look at it. It’s still halfway, not complete, not a perfect 10. Always a hand me down, always the cheapest, always the leftover, always the barely getting by, always good enough. But you are missing things that have a potential to be found, put together, and become a whole.

3. You may not know what you are missing. Have you felt the effect but don’t know what you need. We don’t realize what we were missing until someone comes along and sees beyond our lack and give us a right prognosis of our deficiency. Like going to a doctor and he tells you why you are feeling like that.

4. Blind spots can be covered. We need people in our lives that can brainstorm with us. To find out the missing link to our success and to help us get “there”. There are experts, teachers, mentors, for a reason, you just have to find the right ones….

Next week we’ll write about the joy of being found!
Comments? Am I missing something? Feel free to share.

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