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Relentless. oppressively constant; incessant. persistent, continuing, constant, continual, continuous, nonstop, never-ending, unabating, interminable, incessant, unceasing, endless, unending, unremitting, unrelenting, unrelieved; harsh or inflexible. remorseless, merciless, pitiless, ruthless, unmerciful, heartless, hard-hearted, unforgiving;

Relentless, a lot of words to define one, I know.. even though some of the definition gives it a harsh tone of view to give it to someone that you love and hold dear. I have chosen this word today to describe my dad. No, he is not a task master, he is not merciless, he is the most forgiving person I know. If you know my dad you would know that none of this synonyms would describe him as a person, but his attitude towards the mountain he's facing right now. The adversity he is overcoming every day, and the belief that he is healed of the Lord, is how he has become relentless.

In all of our lives there will always be a need to be like my dad and this treatment he is going through. Sickness, poverty, bad attitudes, sin, you name it. We must have a relentless, no mercy, heartless, unforgiving attitude toward all these things.

Yesterday, as we were in the hospital, they brought him, his breakfast, he was sleeping still. I didn't want the food to get cold, so I woke him quietly to encourage him to eat. He opened his eyes and sat up quickly, he said, "It's here? Yes, I have to eat!"

I knew he was determined to get stronger.

How do I become relentless?

I know that every day brings its struggles and obstacles to overcome, that doesn't mean for us to live up and down all the time. We have the power to allow the situations to dictate our attitude or stay the course without flinching to it. Our attitude can be controlled, it can stay positive and full of faith.

We just have to adjust it every day. Like driving a car or a boat, there has to be continual moving of the wheel to stay in a straight and right path. As you navigate it along, you also have to be a preventive driver. Keeping your eyes open and ready for any one driving off course. They tell you, you have to be a defensive driver, meaning you have to value your life enough to stay away and protect your vehicle from careless drivers, distracted individuals, and even those that intentionally want to disrupt traffic and cause other people to have accidents. You would think that would not happen to you, but there are those that are out there looking for trouble, walking around with a chip on their shoulders, as if the world is conspiring against them.

The same way you do all these things while you drive. You must be aware of it in your every day life.

Relentless people don't sweat the small stuff. They brush off the bad attitudes in others, they look past the sarcasm, and ignore the pessimism of those that have no purpose and desire to do more for themselves.

Relentless people have a sense of urgency in everything they do, because time is always ticking. I've seen people hesitating to start a job because of what it's going to take. They look at the size and the time it will take them to finish, so they waiver and think about it too much.

Someone asked, "How do you eat an elephant?" While the other person thought of it too much with a puzzled look like the one you probably have right now, he answered it himself, "One bite at a time!"

Relentless people know that it's going to take time, effort, money, resources, etc. They have counted the cost, but the key to it is that they know how to break it down into manageable sizes. Like chopping down a tree with an ax, every swing is calculated, given adequate force and precision to hit that same angle over and over again to until it's down.

Relentless people don't give up on the first swing. They know it's going to come down, so they keep chipping away until it yields to them.

What are you facing right now that seems insurmountable, inmmovable, unattainable?

You have to ask yourself do you really want it? Sometimes people, are more than capable of doing great exploits and you ask yourself why don't they and why are they taking so long. The answer is simply that they don't really want it themselves.

Once you have determined that you want it. You are then able to focus on a plan and steps to acquire it, which leads me to the last point.

Relentless people are patient. They know it's going to take steps, levels, organization, transition and implementation. All things take time, specially if you are working with a team. You have to give it enough time and a deadline, for everyone to come on board. ( or at least only the ones you need to venture with you.)

Be relentless today. This doesn't mean that you will be going 100 mph every time. What this means is that you won't let go until you have seen that which you are building, praying for, and believing.

As for my dad, even when he has quite days, I know in him there is a spirit of faith that won't allow him to quit, even In the most adverse situations. He is a child of God, in Christ he is more than a conqueror. So you must know that whatever this world throws at him, he will overcome.

That's being Relentless.



Good Days Vs. Bad Days


How was your day today? May I ask?

Good? Bad? So so?

I know it doesn't seem that way sometimes, but you do have more good days than bad. If we had more bad days than good days this world would be in shambles. Think of a construction site, a renovating road in the middle of the city, a home being built in your neighborhood. The question everyone asks, after a few traffic delays way over your level of patience, and detour signs leading you trough unwanted mazes, is that we wished we knew when will it ever be finish. You look for signs of completion and coming soon dates with pictures of the new and the renovated, trying to get consolation that it will soon pass. Even though we feel like they are taking forever, they get it done and one day you sit there trying to figure out and remember what it look like before. Most of the time you can't and whether it was because they took too long or you weren't really paying attention to the progress of the construction, they more than likely tell you they finished at the expected dates. You may get rainy days, sick days, an accident in the highway, broken down vehicle in your lane, family events that need your time and presence there. All of these things can be an obstacle and a hinderance, for many a bothersome. A block that stops you from having a good happy day. These are the bad days. They don't last though. You will get in time to your job more often than not or you would never be able to keep a job.

We learn to deal with these things and shift and change our schedule so they won't damper your party and rain on your parade. Good days always outweigh the bad ones.

Now, if you are having more bad days than good ones, You must reassess your life. Take inventory, check your GPS in greater detail, watch the food you eat, and reevaluate your relationships. I think we can strategize in many ways for you to live a good, healthy, and prosperous life, every single day.

Once you have these things sorted out, you have balanced your checks and at least try to line up all your ducks in a row. (notice I said try..ok) You have the power and confidence  to go right pass a bad day, like a moving dark cloud. Specially here in South Florida, you have consistent moving clouds that also bring with them a moving shower. This means that it can be really sunny and in a matter of moments it becomes dark, windy, thunderous and tons of rain. there are days when its a washout, a whole day of dark gray clouds and rain, but for the major part of summer, it will pass quicker than you can go find your umbrella and the sun will be out again and everything dried up as well. Some joke that South Florida is by-polar with its weather. Living here for some 30 plus years can help you get used to it, without getting frustrated for the cancelled outdoor plans.

So your life will definitely have the two and they will be begging for you attention wanting for you to decide which one will you choose to live by every day.

My biggest challenge is that when those bad days come, keep moving. Don't get stuck in a momentary affliction. You must control those impulses to wade with your state of feelings instead of your state of mind and purpose. Trust me they will come and some don't ask you for permission, they don't care where you are in life, they just appear. You will have a choice to make in regards to your attitude. Your attitude is the one that will determine if you prolong those bad days or look for the best outcome and solutions for that specific day.

Obstacles are meant to be hurdled and conquered. They want to intimidate you and stop you from getting to the other side. You do know that God's grace is there for you, and his mercy is renewed every day. I want to use all of it every single day. You get such a sense of confidence and security. For example, when you see the police stopping people for speeding but you are at the speed limit with your seatbelt on. You simply pass by and go about your merry way, There are so many times that bad days are waiting for you, but somehow you made the right turn, you didn't see the need to go "there." The good day won.  The funny thing is that when asked how our day was, we simply say it was okay, everything was fine. Not realizing that we had a good day in spite of all the bad that we could of fallen into. No sir, not today, and hopeful not tomorrow either, in Jesus name!

Have a GOOD night!

A Thought on new Thoughts

 Not all thoughts are great ideas, but the more thoughts you get can help you to narrow the best idea for your book, ministry or business. We give life to and allow them to beckon us for more every time we ask the somewhat magical “What If.”

Isn’t that such a wonderful question to ask? As a writer, I think it’s one of the most important questions to ask yourself with every thought you get. The idea that was but a thought, springs up clues, gives you a glimpse of a real substantive story and paves roads to a world of possibilities every time you ask yourself what if.

Let’s explore a bit.

What if she would have stayed? What if we would have gone? What if we had all the money in the world? What if we were so poor, we lived in a hut? What if I had a chance to speak? What if I was able to meet her? What if we met? What if I was never born? What if we could travel in time? to Space? Cross over another galaxy? What if I write a best seller? What if nobody buys it? That’s funny. Everyone should buy it, right? What if I get booked till next year? What if I can help someone out there? What if the butler did it?

Every single question can be a scene, a short story, a prompt that causes you to write the next bestseller, your new song for your album or just allows you some free writing that can be so relaxing at times.

Every time you want to proceed to the next level of an idea, or thought. Ask questions. Questions are meant to be answered, so you set yourself and your subconscious mind to find those answers. If you don’t seek you will not find. I heard a very truthful saying once, “You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect.” This is a law. You must take the time to research, not just online, but deep within yourself and inspect with the biggest magnifying glass you have. Try it out and I promise you will never be bored looking at the empty screen again. It stirs up curiosity and wets the appetite of the mind, finding that treasure you lost, answering the deepest secrets, and exposing the true intentions which sometimes are just below the surface.

Do you remember that old saying, “Deep down he is really shallow.” Yes, it can happen, and we ask ourselves why could we not see it before? Answers don’t come without a question. Questions like what if, provoke your senses and your desire to write get impassioned to begin. Do you know what is the point of appetizers in the first place? They are supposed to open up your appetite. It happens all the time, you are not hungry at all, but you get a taste or sample of a meal at the supermarket, and suddenly you have cravings and you begin to think of all the things you want to eat. So it is with your questions about the subject at hand. Once you get a bite of it and your appetite is restored, you can write forever. It is not that we don’t have anything to say, it’s just that we need to know that “you” are worth sharing. We now have to find a way to make it the most inspiring, luring and informative piece so they will keep coming back to you.

There you go… a thought on new thoughts and ideas and how you can expand your stories out of nothing, and make them something of value. Until next time, keep asking and keep writing. Now, let’s go get some appetizers. Bon Appetite!

About a Man I Call “Papa”

Hi, it’s me again. Let’s just say this has become my journal and for the next few days I will be sharing with you all kinds of things that are going on inside my head. I can’t sleep right now and it seems that I can write whatsoever comes to my mind in the next couple of minutes. It’s about 12:45am already Saturday. What can I do. Was it too much coffee late tonight? Is it the fact that my dad is not doing as he would in times past? Or am I just simply forcing myself to stay awake in a whim hoping I can write something worthy of your attention. I know we spoke on this yesterday, or should I say only a couple of hours ago, but I am reaching here. Writing. Let’s see, my day was a bit hazy yesterday. I stayed at the hospital Thursday night and I couldn’t sleep either, not because I didn’t want to. It seemed that they came in to see my dad every hour. I wasn’t there for leisure, I was there to help and watch over him. So, I woke up every single time. My dad is and always has been a very strong man, but seeing him in this situations doesn’t fit. It’s like, he’s somebody else. Somebody that was willing to take one for the team. Someone that decided he was going to deal with what ever came his way..

It’s hard to imagine that someone as serviceful and hard working man as himself could face something of this nature. As long as I’ve known him, he has been working, always finding ways to make a living. He has a way of thinking of ways to solve problems in the most unconventional ways. His trust in the Lord has kept him going, specially after all he went trough before he got saved. The story goes that he was an alcoholic and got into an accident and in a not so coincidental circumstance, the doctors gave him an ultimatum. He had to stop drinking or he would die. So he turned to Jesus. Gave his life to the Lord, and never looked back.

We moved a lot, and as I grew up I noticed it more and more. Not knowing the reasons, nor do I think I ever found out why. It all really began when We moved here to Florida from Guatemala in the cold Month of December of 1983. I was 7 years old. It felt like everything was new. Oh! the nostalgia I feel every time I hear a madonna song or Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”. How about Stevie wonder’s
“I just called to say, I love you” Always takes me back in a big way.

Anyway, like I was saying. We moved quiet a few times, from schools, Apts., even churches. The only thing I perceived and understood was that it was for our own good. He was looking out for his family. I began working with him in the weekends cutting grass, then that lead to afternoons after school, which mades us come home from school, eat something quick, get ready to go when he got home at 4:30pm. We probably only did one house clean up. But it was sufficient for me to dislike the process and the labor of lawn service, of which I am now the sole owner of the company my dad began in those days. Interesting I may say the least. Out of all my brothers I decided to stay with him through the years and work with him.

It wasn’t easy at first. Leaving school early and dropping out just meant that I would go full time with him at a ripe young age of 17. For the past 7 years I had done it part time, but my time had come, and like an old school papa. He made me work with him. I never stopped till this very day. Almost 41 and still have accounts that pay him, just like the good old days.

I didn’t understand him at all at first. We had intense moments of communications every day, which translates to fighting arguments. Never did I want to pursue this business, but I love my dad. I stayed because I saw something in him that now I am so grateful for. His endurance. His energy. His joy. It still is contagious. So I wonder why he is going through all this? Maybe it’s a test of his resolve. He never backed down from a fight. Trust me, I’ve heard stories and I even saw one back in 1981 in the corner of our “barrio”. I saw him hit a guy twice his size, and hear everyone cheering for him, was simply amazing to me. Really a larger than life character. So in closing for today, I really think he deserves his story to be told, and as I write about him in this couple of pages, I can certainly say that he is my hero. He is a man, that I learn to love. In spite of his temper and crankiness and indisputable yet sometimes bogus arguments. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

I am believing God for his full recovery, but I also have to surrender to His will and sovereignty. God knows best, he knows what my dad can handle, and even though, it feels like it doesn’t fit the story line, there is a deposit of faith that is carrying our whole family through, and we will see that the best of heaven is reserved for my dad, I know it. Our God is too good. And my dad, well, he is a fighter, he will be here until he is called. And I will thank God with all my heart because he didn’t take him 39 years ago, I wouldn’t have met him, and certainly I wouldn’t be the man that I am with out him today. Maybe I will be an extension and take his legacy to new levels…



Let it last…

Will you… Can you? 

You will trust the process better, when you know who is behind it.

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