Relentless. oppressively constant; incessant. persistent, continuing, constant, continual, continuous, nonstop, never-ending, unabating, interminable, incessant, unceasing, endless, unending, unremitting, unrelenting, unrelieved; harsh or inflexible. remorseless, merciless, pitiless, ruthless, unmerciful, heartless, hard-hearted, unforgiving;

Relentless, a lot of words to define one, I know.. even though some of the definition gives it a harsh tone of view to give it to someone that you love and hold dear. I have chosen this word today to describe my dad. No, he is not a task master, he is not merciless, he is the most forgiving person I know. If you know my dad you would know that none of this synonyms would describe him as a person, but his attitude towards the mountain he's facing right now. The adversity he is overcoming every day, and the belief that he is healed of the Lord, is how he has become relentless.

In all of our lives there will always be a need to be like my dad and this treatment he is going through. Sickness, poverty, bad attitudes, sin, you name it. We must have a relentless, no mercy, heartless, unforgiving attitude toward all these things.

Yesterday, as we were in the hospital, they brought him, his breakfast, he was sleeping still. I didn't want the food to get cold, so I woke him quietly to encourage him to eat. He opened his eyes and sat up quickly, he said, "It's here? Yes, I have to eat!"

I knew he was determined to get stronger.

How do I become relentless?

I know that every day brings its struggles and obstacles to overcome, that doesn't mean for us to live up and down all the time. We have the power to allow the situations to dictate our attitude or stay the course without flinching to it. Our attitude can be controlled, it can stay positive and full of faith.

We just have to adjust it every day. Like driving a car or a boat, there has to be continual moving of the wheel to stay in a straight and right path. As you navigate it along, you also have to be a preventive driver. Keeping your eyes open and ready for any one driving off course. They tell you, you have to be a defensive driver, meaning you have to value your life enough to stay away and protect your vehicle from careless drivers, distracted individuals, and even those that intentionally want to disrupt traffic and cause other people to have accidents. You would think that would not happen to you, but there are those that are out there looking for trouble, walking around with a chip on their shoulders, as if the world is conspiring against them.

The same way you do all these things while you drive. You must be aware of it in your every day life.

Relentless people don't sweat the small stuff. They brush off the bad attitudes in others, they look past the sarcasm, and ignore the pessimism of those that have no purpose and desire to do more for themselves.

Relentless people have a sense of urgency in everything they do, because time is always ticking. I've seen people hesitating to start a job because of what it's going to take. They look at the size and the time it will take them to finish, so they waiver and think about it too much.

Someone asked, "How do you eat an elephant?" While the other person thought of it too much with a puzzled look like the one you probably have right now, he answered it himself, "One bite at a time!"

Relentless people know that it's going to take time, effort, money, resources, etc. They have counted the cost, but the key to it is that they know how to break it down into manageable sizes. Like chopping down a tree with an ax, every swing is calculated, given adequate force and precision to hit that same angle over and over again to until it's down.

Relentless people don't give up on the first swing. They know it's going to come down, so they keep chipping away until it yields to them.

What are you facing right now that seems insurmountable, inmmovable, unattainable?

You have to ask yourself do you really want it? Sometimes people, are more than capable of doing great exploits and you ask yourself why don't they and why are they taking so long. The answer is simply that they don't really want it themselves.

Once you have determined that you want it. You are then able to focus on a plan and steps to acquire it, which leads me to the last point.

Relentless people are patient. They know it's going to take steps, levels, organization, transition and implementation. All things take time, specially if you are working with a team. You have to give it enough time and a deadline, for everyone to come on board. ( or at least only the ones you need to venture with you.)

Be relentless today. This doesn't mean that you will be going 100 mph every time. What this means is that you won't let go until you have seen that which you are building, praying for, and believing.

As for my dad, even when he has quite days, I know in him there is a spirit of faith that won't allow him to quit, even In the most adverse situations. He is a child of God, in Christ he is more than a conqueror. So you must know that whatever this world throws at him, he will overcome.

That's being Relentless.