How was your day today? May I ask?

Good? Bad? So so?

I know it doesn't seem that way sometimes, but you do have more good days than bad. If we had more bad days than good days this world would be in shambles. Think of a construction site, a renovating road in the middle of the city, a home being built in your neighborhood. The question everyone asks, after a few traffic delays way over your level of patience, and detour signs leading you trough unwanted mazes, is that we wished we knew when will it ever be finish. You look for signs of completion and coming soon dates with pictures of the new and the renovated, trying to get consolation that it will soon pass. Even though we feel like they are taking forever, they get it done and one day you sit there trying to figure out and remember what it look like before. Most of the time you can't and whether it was because they took too long or you weren't really paying attention to the progress of the construction, they more than likely tell you they finished at the expected dates. You may get rainy days, sick days, an accident in the highway, broken down vehicle in your lane, family events that need your time and presence there. All of these things can be an obstacle and a hinderance, for many a bothersome. A block that stops you from having a good happy day. These are the bad days. They don't last though. You will get in time to your job more often than not or you would never be able to keep a job.

We learn to deal with these things and shift and change our schedule so they won't damper your party and rain on your parade. Good days always outweigh the bad ones.

Now, if you are having more bad days than good ones, You must reassess your life. Take inventory, check your GPS in greater detail, watch the food you eat, and reevaluate your relationships. I think we can strategize in many ways for you to live a good, healthy, and prosperous life, every single day.

Once you have these things sorted out, you have balanced your checks and at least try to line up all your ducks in a row. (notice I said try..ok) You have the power and confidence  to go right pass a bad day, like a moving dark cloud. Specially here in South Florida, you have consistent moving clouds that also bring with them a moving shower. This means that it can be really sunny and in a matter of moments it becomes dark, windy, thunderous and tons of rain. there are days when its a washout, a whole day of dark gray clouds and rain, but for the major part of summer, it will pass quicker than you can go find your umbrella and the sun will be out again and everything dried up as well. Some joke that South Florida is by-polar with its weather. Living here for some 30 plus years can help you get used to it, without getting frustrated for the cancelled outdoor plans.

So your life will definitely have the two and they will be begging for you attention wanting for you to decide which one will you choose to live by every day.

My biggest challenge is that when those bad days come, keep moving. Don't get stuck in a momentary affliction. You must control those impulses to wade with your state of feelings instead of your state of mind and purpose. Trust me they will come and some don't ask you for permission, they don't care where you are in life, they just appear. You will have a choice to make in regards to your attitude. Your attitude is the one that will determine if you prolong those bad days or look for the best outcome and solutions for that specific day.

Obstacles are meant to be hurdled and conquered. They want to intimidate you and stop you from getting to the other side. You do know that God's grace is there for you, and his mercy is renewed every day. I want to use all of it every single day. You get such a sense of confidence and security. For example, when you see the police stopping people for speeding but you are at the speed limit with your seatbelt on. You simply pass by and go about your merry way, There are so many times that bad days are waiting for you, but somehow you made the right turn, you didn't see the need to go "there." The good day won.  The funny thing is that when asked how our day was, we simply say it was okay, everything was fine. Not realizing that we had a good day in spite of all the bad that we could of fallen into. No sir, not today, and hopeful not tomorrow either, in Jesus name!

Have a GOOD night!