Good Sunday Afternoon! Today I want to share with you about our 9 AM service.

Today I shared  about a man named Lazarus, and although there has to be a desire for us to know more of God. it is interesting to notice that Jesus performed his biggest miracle with someone that could not cooperate with him. He wasn’t praying about it, he was not expecting it, and he certainly did not have the money for it. He was dead you see, He had died earlier that week. Now four days later, he was already decomposing and he smelled like it.

Miracles like that make a better case for God’s glory. There was nothing in this world that any one could have done, but to weep and mourn, bury him and place a stone in his grave. There was nothing under the sun, but beyond the sun and our human scope of reasonings, there is a God of life and resurrection. He is life and death cannot be found in him. As you know, death is only the absence of life, the same way darkness is only the absence of light. When Jesus is asked the first time in the Gospel of John about this sickness his friend Lazarus had. He didn’t hesitate to let them know that there is no sickness that can cause death. Now, I know that you are thinking Jesus was out of his mind, for we all know that there a lot of sickness and disease the lead to death and many people we love have had to face this results.

Jesus knows that, yet he knows that in him there is no death, no shadow of turning, no evil, and definitely no sickness. Every time Jesus comes into a scene, he heals, restores and brings life. I gave an example of when you have an emergency at home with your plumbing or you are worried about a pain at the doctor’s office. The professional plumber comes in knowing he has the tools, expertise and time to fix it. Some people get irritated as to how can a doctor come in the room and talk to you so calm, patient and easy going while you are panicking. I would be more worried if the doctor is more nervous then me, if the plumber couldn’t fix the problem and made a bigger leak in my bathroom than what I already had, then ran out franticly out of my house.

You see, it wasn’t that Jesus didn’t care, he actually wept and was moved in his heart when he saw the people. He just knows who he is; He is life, he is love, he is the resurrection.

The only thing he asked was if they believed. Do you believe? that is all. It doesn’t really matter if we can understand, I think we sometimes depend on understanding before we can believe. We reason before we receive, therefore delaying the miracle. Just believe. If you believe you will see God’s Glory he promised Martha, and I can assure you that he will allow you to experience it as well. Believing is the permission he needs to perform supernatural things in our natural causes.
It’s the portal that brings his kingdom and power to our realm. Believing is the only requirement. Once you start believing and activating you faith, you open yourself up to immeasurable grace, insurmountable potential, and great revelation; The word of God being manifested upon your life, this is his Glory.

His glory, Not ours. we cannot make these things up and we cannot do this for ourselves. It is God’s doing and its marvelous to our eyes. Scripture even challenge us detailing that we wouldn’t believe even if we saw it with our own eyes..

It is God alone and it is is grace. He was with Jesus reconciling the world to himself. He knows how to do it and fix our deficits in our human experience. It was a great mind of our times that explained, We cannot solve the problems we made with the same thought and mind that caused them, it has to be a higher mindset and different perspective. When this is revealed to us we will then allow God to interfere with us more frequently than what we do now. As we do, we will humbly accept that we could not have done it without him. There will be no room for our self exaltation, and self promotions. If we were to be proud, it would only be of one thing, God’s grace in our lives. We would become that mirror of His Glory, reflecting back to him and the unbelieving world that is constantly watching us. With a hope in mind, that what we do can evoke change and decisions to follow him. He who is able to do more exceedingly and abundantly than what we can think or imagine.

Like Lazarus, the only thing we need to do is to walk out of our tombs and allow his power to give us life. Allow miracles and supernatural encounters to come to your life. I believe with you.

Have a Blessed Day!