Not all thoughts are great ideas, but the more thoughts you get can help you to narrow the best idea for your book, ministry or business. We give life to and allow them to beckon us for more every time we ask the somewhat magical “What If.”

Isn’t that such a wonderful question to ask? As a writer, I think it’s one of the most important questions to ask yourself with every thought you get. The idea that was but a thought, springs up clues, gives you a glimpse of a real substantive story and paves roads to a world of possibilities every time you ask yourself what if.

Let’s explore a bit.

What if she would have stayed? What if we would have gone? What if we had all the money in the world? What if we were so poor, we lived in a hut? What if I had a chance to speak? What if I was able to meet her? What if we met? What if I was never born? What if we could travel in time? to Space? Cross over another galaxy? What if I write a best seller? What if nobody buys it? That’s funny. Everyone should buy it, right? What if I get booked till next year? What if I can help someone out there? What if the butler did it?

Every single question can be a scene, a short story, a prompt that causes you to write the next bestseller, your new song for your album or just allows you some free writing that can be so relaxing at times.

Every time you want to proceed to the next level of an idea, or thought. Ask questions. Questions are meant to be answered, so you set yourself and your subconscious mind to find those answers. If you don’t seek you will not find. I heard a very truthful saying once, “You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect.” This is a law. You must take the time to research, not just online, but deep within yourself and inspect with the biggest magnifying glass you have. Try it out and I promise you will never be bored looking at the empty screen again. It stirs up curiosity and wets the appetite of the mind, finding that treasure you lost, answering the deepest secrets, and exposing the true intentions which sometimes are just below the surface.

Do you remember that old saying, “Deep down he is really shallow.” Yes, it can happen, and we ask ourselves why could we not see it before? Answers don’t come without a question. Questions like what if, provoke your senses and your desire to write get impassioned to begin. Do you know what is the point of appetizers in the first place? They are supposed to open up your appetite. It happens all the time, you are not hungry at all, but you get a taste or sample of a meal at the supermarket, and suddenly you have cravings and you begin to think of all the things you want to eat. So it is with your questions about the subject at hand. Once you get a bite of it and your appetite is restored, you can write forever. It is not that we don’t have anything to say, it’s just that we need to know that “you” are worth sharing. We now have to find a way to make it the most inspiring, luring and informative piece so they will keep coming back to you.

There you go… a thought on new thoughts and ideas and how you can expand your stories out of nothing, and make them something of value. Until next time, keep asking and keep writing. Now, let’s go get some appetizers. Bon Appetite!