Everything happens out of something. It’s the old cause and effect. Sowing and reaping. You get what you give. Greatness begins with a seed, a vision, a dream. I totally believe that God uses your dreams to continually communicate with us. Of course not every dream will give you a million dollar idea, or reveal to you your God-given purpose. Some dreams come from too much pizza the night before, or an intense moment in your day that cause your subconscious mind to keep pondering on that one event. With this in mind you have to pay close attention to your dreams, your thoughts, and your ideas. everyone is able to think, but the ability to put the pieces together is what makes all the difference, even between success and failure.

Any recurring dream, has to draw your attention, at least to ask for an interpretation. The same way the dream came, the interpretation can come. What causes us to never get the interpretation? our busyness, our fast-moving lifestyles that make you get up and go all the time. We dismiss it as a “What a nice dream we had?” and move on, because our reality seems more important and stressful than our sleeping time. Now, if you can please allow me to suggest to you that maybe, just maybe, God is trying to relate to you a message, a way out, keys to better your life. An idea that can bring you out of obscurity and take you where you never been.

This is not a magical, mystic storyline for a good movie. It can happen, It has happen and believe it or not, it will continue to happen. See, Heaven is always communicating with us, and those who are aware of it will receive all the benefits from it.

In the Book of beginnings, Genesis Chapter 37. We read a story about a boy named Joseph, they called him a DREAMER, and MASTER OF DREAMS. God showed him his complete purpose of living trough 2 dreams. And he believed it so much, he began to tell everyone. He shared it so well, that even his family got envious, and in many turn of events, helped him get to the manifestation of his dreams. OUT OF A DREAM HE BECAME 2ND IN COMMAND IN EGYPT, No one was greater except the Pharaoh.


It took 2 Dreams for him to realize his potential in God. How many will you need? 

2 Things he did and you can do the same: 

1. He didn’t dismiss the dream. He perceived it was important. (though he quite didn’t understand the how)

2. He believed in it so much, he didn’t stay quiet. So, he declared it, and shared it.

Before he realized it, he was on his way…

Very simple, and maybe this is why people dismiss the process so quickly. I challenge you to ask God for a Dream, than dare to declare it, and see yourself getting there…


Till next time. Keep dreaming…