This week I had some moments that would seem ordinary, and routine for many. Yet, in retrospect I see it was an opportunity to make and mark a difference in someone’s life. 3 instances that changed me.

The first moment came this week I found myself in the midst of a group of children at a summer bible class, as my 10 year old daughter was called upon to speak to them. I didn’t go to participate, I just went to support her.. At the end they asked me to pray for the group of children. And now I realize what an opportunity it was to impart and lead and love this generation that can actually lead us in so many ways. God has such great plans for this new generation rising up, if we only opened our eyes a little wider to see then as God sees them!

it is such an exciting time to be a alive!!!

The second moment was when a client of mine, which sometimes I don’t even see. Comes out to me as soon as I got to her property, and shares with me her husband needs a quadruple bypass. WOW! I was in shock, but I also was amazed she was sharing all this with me.

As I began to listen, I was praying inside my head asking God to give me some kind of encouragement for her and her husband’s life. I was able to speak to her heart, as she listened intensely. Almost like if she needed to hear me. Even now I continue to pray for them. It is not easy to deal with things that are out of your control, and it’s affecting your life and your loved ones. I think it’s moments like that, you must cry out to God for mercy, grace, and the strength to overcome it….

And the third interesting conversation I had was with a business man who asked me how did I get prepared to bring about my messages or sermons on a weekly basis.

This opened up the door to speak to him about prayer, faith, inspiration that only comes from God. And the responsibility that we as ministers have with our generation. It was a long, engaging conversation. I took the moment as a believer in Christ, and persuaded him to give Jesus a try.

Sometimes you just don’t know, who you will meet, or the need that will rise up right in front of you. Don’t go looking for someone else, you could be the answer, and the difference maker in their life.
I am praying for you today that God will show himself strong in your life, to strengthen others as well.
make the difference !

Have a great day!