After I finished the last post I realized I missed some other good points on the subject. It usually is like that, isn’t it? When you finish something you find new ways to make it better or more material becomes available. I’ll just make some few points…

Depending on the severity of what you are missing, you will act with greater urgency and alertness. You would never ever go to bed at night and sleep if your child was missing, you would be going on a search and rescue mission until you found him or her. Your wallet missing brings all kinds of worries and anxiety because of identity theft.

Although these are some severe things to miss, here are some keys to help you answer questions on why things go missing. And just maybe it will bring a sense of alertness to our lives, and live with the joy of being found.

1. You only miss things when you need them. Car keys is an easy example, don’t realize they are misplaced ( notice I said misplaced not lost, I guess it’s just me not wanting to feel like I keep loosing things) until you want to go for a ride. We miss ex relationships in the meantime someone else comes along that replaces that empty feeling of loneliness. Money is not a factor until you want something you don’t have the finances for… If you don’t need it, you might not realize it was gone.

2. Don’t get used to it. After a prolonged period of missing things, people, food, whatever… You become desensitized to it. The urgency dwindles down to I should get that someday. And you go along life with half full or empty cups ( depending on how positive you are) no matter how you look at it. It’s still halfway, not complete, not a perfect 10. Always a hand me down, always the cheapest, always the leftover, always the barely getting by, always good enough. But you are missing things that have a potential to be found, put together, and become a whole.

3. You may not know what you are missing. Have you felt the effect but don’t know what you need. We don’t realize what we were missing until someone comes along and sees beyond our lack and give us a right prognosis of our deficiency. Like going to a doctor and he tells you why you are feeling like that.

4. Blind spots can be covered. We need people in our lives that can brainstorm with us. To find out the missing link to our success and to help us get “there”. There are experts, teachers, mentors, for a reason, you just have to find the right ones….

Next week we’ll write about the joy of being found!
Comments? Am I missing something? Feel free to share.