Those that know and have ran in one know there is one more race to go to get the trifecta. The Spartan challenge is to get all three races down in one calendar year.
The Sprint. Super. Beast.

I’m on my way… October will be here soon enough and I have to keep focus and keep training to finally do the beast race which is about 12 miles and over 20 obstacles. Yeah it’s going to be fun! I must remember though it tarries, it’s coming.

Sometimes we let go to fast and stop looking for those missing pieces in our lives. Specially with long term goals. The picture shows that it’s just obvious it’s missing one more piece. Have you thought about your life and knew something was missing but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? There’s a void, a lack of something, maybe someone. We have all been there and seems like we don’t even know where to start looking .

Scriptures tell a story about a woman that lost her special coin in her house, so she flipped furniture, turn the house upside down, swept it. And searched for it until she found it.

I know we all may be missing something to make our lives complete. Here are some questions that can help you become whole. How much time, effort and thought are you giving your searching? If you seek you will find. Are you seeking the right things? Are you searching for the answer or just a relief?

We say we need more faith? Start with God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom… Let him lead you and fill empty spaces in your life, he knows best. Until next time, don’t let go of pursuit, don’t allow status quo to stop you from finding the missing pieces.

Check your bag, look in the box, did you get overjoyed and it scatter when you opened it? Do you have all the pieces? .

Your life is a puzzle, but if you know you are not missing any pieces you can take your time and build.