One of my spiritual sons gave me this book

LEAD… FOR God’s Sake!

written by Todd G. Gongwer, yesterday for Father’s Day. A couple of things, first it’s a real paper back book, which now a days it seems a bit old fashioned. But I love it. Sometimes you have to be able to put all electronics aside and just have a good moment with a good book. Second thing, it’s about leadership. A leader cannot stop learning if he wants to keep leading. You cannot give what you don’t have, so… I have purposed myself to sumerge myself in the subject. And third of all, Mr. Ken Blanchard put a little nice quote in front of it, saying he read it in two sittings. Wow! Ok. I will try but no guarantees, it might take me a few more. Which takes me to my last point… I want to finish what I begin. We’ll talk about THAT later… Have a great Monday, May God favor you and show you mercy, and lead you beyond your expectations…