Although here in Florida, it seems that we live in a eternal summertime, you do know the difference in many ways. If you have a morning commute, first thing you notice is the ease of traffic, and less school zones’ blinking lights. Oh, the joy of getting to your job site 15 minutes faster!

Yet I’ve notice the reason why you have to be more focus, at least for me, is the fact that I have kids. Usually, the house at 6:30 am is as noisy and busy as if it was dinner time. One is eating breakfast, the other doesn’t want to get up, (then they all decide to go to the bathroom at the same time) they are doing their hair, looking for their book bags, looking for their shoes, looking for the wipes, and where is Makayla? My 2 year old daughter, who is as curious as ever now.  I don’t know if you can feel the chaotic yet too familiar environment I have accustomed to, how is your day different in summertime? is there a difference?   

Well, in Summer time, as I open my eyes every morning, I sense this peaceful, warm, stay-in-bed-silence that makes you feel like the old song  “Every day… will be like a Holiday…”.

I think I am the one in vacation.  So you need to focus. While others are relaxing, sleeping, vacationing, dreaming. There is still work to be done, business to run, purpose to live out. Even though I do take more time off to be with my wife and kids. This doesn’t mean you let your guard down. Stay the course. I want to give you just a few points you must control and focus more on this Summer, so you won’t lose ground and stay on point all year long. (or at least until September rolls around) 

1. Focus On Priorities. First things First. God honors those that honor him, Seeking His presence, guidance, and favor, will give you great returns. Business, Family, Ministry they are important and they are very demanding at times, which can take a lot of our time and energy. We are not to shy away from our responsibilities, but there are things we need to learn to delegate, reevaluate and reassess the effectiveness of it. your priorities are not mine, take time to go over yours today. 

2. Focus On Time. Like I said, every day in summer at home feel like a Saturday.  Time is all we have. Some things come back to us, time doesn’t. If you prioritize right, you will see you will have more time in your plate for the Fun in Sun activities. 

3. Focus on Spending. This one is a tough one for some. But your money management is key in the summer, when your out and about and you have the time to spend, make sure your finances are able to cover your days of freedom. It’s almost like Christmas time, you have to watch your cash flow. There are many things to do especially if you have kids, that doesn’t require a lot of money. Florida has free beaches, Parks. Many churches offer VBS for one whole week, sometimes free. It pays to look for deals, especially if you are planning a long vacation or a lot of free time…

4. Focus on Enjoying the season. Too many times our lives are going to fast and always looking to the next event. I know to some it doesn’t matter, and there is no difference So I challenge you to step out of your routine. Take a moment and enjoy the season, it will pass to fast. Life is too short for you not to. At least for a day! 

This is just some pointers so that your Focus stays on track with your yearly goals and personal vision. This is essential to accomplishing every God given dream in your life.