Like we said yesterday, change is inevitable and we must embrace the challenges that come our way. How hard is it for you to adapt? Worry, insecurity and fear can grip your life and paralyze you from going forth.

You must remember that fear will always be present.

But when you decided to rise up and go forward, Faith and Tenacity have to be the ones leading the charge. What challenge are you facing today that you think you can not overcome? Stand strong. Breath deep. Watch your next step. Reposition yourself if you have to. One thing, don’t close your eyes, don’t leave it to chance, and never wish for someone else to come do what you were called and equipped to do. Adapt yourself, before you know it you will be doing what you thought you would never have to do. Yes, it’s like going into the jungle for the first time and you are with your machete cutting away so you can see your way. Not realizing that you are leaving a path for others to follow. Therefore, becoming a greater leader than you ever thought possible.