I want to share with you three important events that will make who you are in life. Your response to them will either usher you to your destiny or keep you in a monotonous life with boring reruns and memorized scripts of your day. Routines will become ruts and your passion pointless. Now you must be aware of them or they’ll pass you by…

1. ChallengesThe minute you are aware of life, you will be faced with them. Of course they are not all the same. They are not all big, nor are they all small. It can be a flat tire as you walk out of your house on a Monday morning, or a new higher position in your job. Challenges reveal a lot of who you are. And life will send enough your way for you to get to know yourself. But pay attention to your reactions and attitudes, they will help you or stop you.

2. Changes the challenge we spoke require you to change. Change your thinking, change your attitude. Change your friends, Change your routes. When you refuse to change, you fail the challenge. You can say that if it doesn’t change you, it wasn’t challenging enough. Not many people like change. One of the great lessons we learn from the eagle is that when they are getting ready to fly the mother pokes at the nest, making it uncomfortable for them, and making them realize they were not meant to stay there all their lives. We are agents of change. When you see it happening, though we question it, take some time to realize if it doesn’t happen today, you might just be prolonging it. It’s bound to happen anyway.

3. Comforts there is another word for this, it’s called a

sweet spot

Once you embraced the challenge, rose up to it, changed your attitude towards it, and you go trough it a few times (because you will have to go face it and deal with it even if it takes you days months some years to get it in your heart, and process it in your mind) there is something about going around the block a few times. Getting doors shut in your face, and still standing in your faith. Like a boxer who studies his opponent, you begin to learn his movements, and anticipate his uppercuts and stop his jabs. You get it a groove of things, and begin to roll with the punches, ride the waves of life instead of drowning in them. It’s a sweet spot in your life for that season. Enjoy it, because life is obligated to bring you a new challenger. So as you embrace victories in some areas, you must train harder for others. And hopefully we are better, higher level of life at the end…