There is a time for everything under the Sun, according to the great poet and writer of the bible book of Ecclesiastes. The time for thinking, dreaming, wondering, calculating, taking inventory, checking the list once, twice, three times… But there is a time to begin moving, to start the path, take action, and be intentional!

How many a times will it take you to get the memo into your spirit and begin to move forward. Advance doesn’t just mean to move. It means to move forward with purpose. We serve a God that is always on the move. Looking to advance his Kingdom, when we look to history the size of the kingdom and its influence, reflected solely on the King. So the more glorious his kingdom was, the more glory it brought to the King.

When The prophet Isaiah was called of God, God had one thing in mind, “who will go for us? and who will we send?” but Isaiah was more concerned in the state of his people and his life. He knew there was an issue of sin within him. Uncleanness. Only we know deep down in our selves how our spiritual condition is, how your relationship with The Lord is, and it is that what will stop you from advancing, it will deter you and it can disqualify you, EXCEPT if you deal with it. Sin was no match for God, yet, Isaiah was so conscious of this sin that it was the first thing he put before the Lord as the only thing that would prevent Him from being close to him. God didn’t hesitate to clean him, he didn’t leave him, and go to someone else, he didn’t think it was too hard of a task. he just sent an angel with a coal of fire, and cleanse him, purified and had him ready. God’s fire always does its work.

When God wants you to advance, nothing is too hard for him. Is there Sin? confess, repent, he will restore. Is there a physical impediment? lack of finances? no worries. All he wants to hear from you is, “HERE I AM, SEND ME!”

Let’s move, let’s advance this kingdom, and bring more Glory to our King!