“Before God can give you a nation, you must first love the people of that nation” Pastor Javier Bertucci<

I heard this words a couple of months ago, and has impacted my life tremendously. Love is such a great conqueror, mediator and ambassador to any people. Near and far, this is a common ground in every language, every culture and every generation needs the same. Although it may manifest and said in different languages, it will melt away every barrier and opposition you may feel. This has to be the factor in every mission trip you ever take. Specially when you go outside of your element, and find yourself around people that you have no common ground with.

Many excuse themselves from great things, because they don’t have resources, but forget that we all have a heart that beats just the same.

My first time in the country of Nicaragua, while we did have a set plan for every day, my heart was open to everything, not knowing the people can give you a wonderful opportunity to reinvent yourself and have a better first impression. I don’t mean for you to be vain and hypocritical, but you have a moment to recompose your personality and challenge yourself to go beyond the limited influence you already posses.

During the nights of the crusade, hundreds came to be prayed for and ministered to, my goal was to at least hear a little bit of their pain and pressing need. I could of easily just made general prayers and just breezed by each one, but this is not the goal.

I don’t want to just be another preacher in a suit…

I wanted the moments we had, which were small, to at least listen in and maybe get a snapshot of their heart, thus giving me a greater opportunity to pray effectively and to connect my heart with theirs.

While I did this, I noticed that my prayers where more passionate, and my heart felt as if it expanded to theirs and we connected. Having this promise- if we come together in agreement for anything in the earth our father which is in heaven will cause it to come to pass. I have yet to experience the power of God go trough me as I felt this weekend past, but I understand that if I would have not prayed for the nation first, and take time to listen to their great worries and needs this would not happen.

Scripture tells us that when Jesus had compassion, there was a greater anointing released over to heal them all. If we ever want to do more and see greater manifestations of power, you don’t begin by showing how capable you can be. You begin with love. Love is the bridge to everyone’s heart. I leave you with this today …

"Reaching out is NEVER out of reach, when you do it in the Love of Christ."