This past couple of days we have been in the city of chichigalpa, Nicaragua with an evangelistic missionary team. Sometimes in life we know what to expect when we do things. But when you come to such an event, you have to solely depend on God, because you want him to use you just as he promised.

This is sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God called you for this but at the same time, not knowing how it will happen.

faith is not blind, but when we walk in it, we must see with our spiritual eyes

this was my predicament this weekend, knowing and not knowing, expecting the unexpected. Meeting new people, yet there is a Spirit of God that gives you a testimony of kindred spirit and willing hearts, though many miles apart.

A mission implies strategic planning and a vision of the end result. There will be obstacles, there will be setbacks. Sometimes the forces of darkness will oppose all of the plans you might have. But know this-

the counsel of God will prevail.

Even if the valleys are deep and the mountains are high, the mission will never be impossible, if you travel with God.

Vision will give you the tenacity to finish your mission. Don’t let up, enjoy the moment, for you never know the impact you will leave in
the heart of a child, a homeless man, a comfort less mother.

Ask the Lord to give you compassion for those in the path of your mission, and see great, miraculous things begin to happen through you and for you…

…faith will give you an adventurous spirit to go in a mission for him. Locally, internationally, personally…

Don’t hesitate, break out today!