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March 2012

Tweaking your life

Life can be very exciting and has a way of getting really interesting. It seems that when you are not doing anything, nothing is the result. Nothing to do really is an anesthetic in life. You become dull and and predictable, when this becomes you, you can go years without feeling the effect of nothingness. Waking up one day, looking in the mirror, and asking yourself

where has time gone?

Basically, they will never realize that they are not doing anything. The daily affairs can have a tendency to block your capacity to dream, to envision, and to walk fulfilled.

Now, I don’t want to bum you out, or make you feel that what you do is not important. There are many great details that go on in your life, that make your world turn. These details need to be done efficiently for life to continue. That’s what systems are for, machines are built to do those tasks that have to be done constantly, routinely, precisely.

Cleaning the house, feeding the dog, washing dishes, making the bed, cutting the grass, putting the alarm on…

All this things have to be done like clockwork, if they don’t get done, things begin to fall apart, disorganization takes place, and a chaotic environment of frustration unleashes itself upon everyone in the household. We don’t want this to happen. You can continue to be responsible, but at the same time do what someone very wise said,

small tweaks, reach higher peaks.

If you can make small adjustments, like adding salt and pepper to your food. It will surprise you how different and exciting life can become. THIS IS FAITH.. Faith always pushes you to move beyond your daily routines. It calls you, then hides for you to seek after it. Pursues you, then questions you why are you following. The intriguing nature of faith can quicken your life from normality, to a life that wakes up every morning and knows that day can and will impact someone. You begin to see yourself, as an ambassador of change and blessing. It causes you to love life, and gives you desires to live a long time to do all that faith is asking from you.

I am not just telling you what to do, I’m writing to you from the Charlotte airport, connecting flight to Chicago for the weekend, really expectant of what God has in store this year…
April is looking really good right now…


Opportunities demand decisions…

When an opportunity comes your way, your vision and purpose will determine if it is a good opportunity or a bad one. when someone comes knocking at your door, this doesn’t mean you will open it and invite them in, much less go wherever they say. Some just want to sell you stuff, others want to get to know you more. Interestingly enough, Jesus also stands at the door and knocks. Discerning the moment and making the right decision is what will elevate you to the place of success and blessing. Without God we are nothing, nor can we do anything. But with GOD- All things are possible. The devil makes you believe that he is an angel of light, but he is the greatest deceiver. The father of all lies. Today, take time to make right decisions, discern the moment, ask yourself – Will this bring me closer to my purpose, or will it derail me from it? An open door, a friendly gesture, an invitation never means that all of it is right for you. It just means that there is something of value in you and people see it. Therefore you must treasure your greatest asset,  Your time. Your life, how will you spend it today? An opportunity will demand an answer and a decision. Decisions not only affect you, but ALL those you love. Make the right one today, and see the rewards pay off, even if you decided to say no. God is the greatest investor of all time. He invested his Son, Jesus Christ. Trust and grab a hold of faith, so when the opportunity comes you will be ready. Put your game face on. I think I hear a knocking at your door, can you check who it is?

Rise, Rejuvenate, and Soa…

Rise, Rejuvenate, and Soar. The qualities of the eagle, an example of what God can do with a yielded soul.

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